by Greg Brume

Solution: FLASH

Each picture consists of two halves of celebrities' faces. If you take the first name of the left-hand celebrity, and last name of the right-hand celebrity, you get the alter ego of a costumed superhero or supervillain.

AL Roker/Richard SIMMONS = Spawn

ROY Rogers/Abraham LINCOLN = Human Bomb

REX Stout/Jackie MASON = Metamorpho

ROBERT De Niro/Alec BALDWIN = Speedball

JOSEPH Gordon-Levitt/Quincy JONES = General Glory

HEATHER Graham/Kirk DOUGLAS = Moondragon

ARTHUR C. Clarke/Tina BROWN = Cluemaster

JACK Nicholson/Wynona RYDER = Creeper

MATTHEW Lillard/Tony HAWK = Two-Gun Kid

PAMELA Anderson/Ronald ISLEY = Poison Ivy

BUDDY Hackett/Anita BAKER = Animal Man

ALAN Dershowitz/Orson WELLES = Vigilante

MICHAEL Madsen/Aaron CARTER = Booster Gold

TODD Bridges/Condoleezza RICE = Obsidian

VICTOR Kiam/Oliver STONE = Cyborg

SIMON Cowell/Robin WILLIAMS = Wonder Man


CINDY Margolis/Burt REYNOLDS = Gypsy

The costumed identities go in the spaces below their pictures. Reading the white squares spells PUMPED UP GIANT BONDS, while the white circles spell WOODY NEE KONIGSBERG. This refers to BARRY and ALLEN, and BARRY ALLEN is better known as the FLASH.

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