by Dan Katz


Each of the music clips is from a song with a word thematic to this Hunt (hell, devil, sin, etc.) in the title. Each set of alphabetized letters is an anagram of a song title, but the theme word is replaced by a single letter. These letters, read in song order gives the phrase HE PORTRAYED EDDIE BARZOON. In the appropriate film The Devil's Advocate, Eddie Barzoon was played by JEFFREY JONES.

1EelsYour Lucky Day in [Hell]H
2The Rolling StonesSympathy for the [Devil]E
3Panic! At The DiscoI Write [Sins] Not TragediesP
4Franz Ferdinand[Evil] and a HeathenO
5Gorillaz[Demon] DaysR
6Soul CoughingBlue Eyed [Devil]T
7The Marvelous 3Cold as [Hell]R
8Ben Folds Five[Satan] Is My MasterA
9Mötley CrüeShout at the [Devil]Y
10ELO[Evil] WomanE
11Electric SixElectric [Demons] in LoveD
12My Chemical RomanceGive 'Em [Hell] KidE
13Van HalenRunning with the [Devil]D
14Santana[Evil] WaysD
15Jimmie's Chicken ShackThis Is Not [Hell]I
16Depeche ModeThe [Sinner] in MeE
17PrimusThe [Devil] Went Down to GeorgiaB
18Cake[Satan] Is My MotorA
19Eminem[Evil] DeedsR
20AC/DCHighway to [Hell]Z
21Econoline CrushThe [Devil] You KnowO
22PanteraBy [Demons] Be DrivenO
23INXS[Devil] InsideN

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