Lesson V-4: Heroes And Villains The reader needs characters to root for and against. It just pisses you off that they never root for the guy with the thermonuclear warhead.

Black Bed

Sure, you can empathize with the heroes, but in every good adventure story, it's the pirates that really count.

Ale container holding 31 gallons
Cartilage makes up most of it
Cash in Chiba
Crafty, like a coyote?
Deliver a call to arms to
Financial aid decision factor
Flatten, as a bug
Former Red Sox infielder Garciaparra
Henri, par exemple
Isak's given name
Italian chief magistrate
"Jeopardy!" champ Jennings
Legally void
Long (for)
Many a Mystery hunt participant, vis-à-vis MIT
Mark one's page in a book
Mercury's 1981 successor to the Bobcat
"Ne me quitte pas" artist
One might be a stud
Positive, as an outlook
Shaped like a hoop
Strand of beads
Suspiciously or with caution
Tumultuous spat
Turkey's second-largest city
TV show starring Benjamin Bratt
Type of tax
Underground deposit
Unhip, to some extent
Victor Vasarely's genre
Went closer to
Writer of "My Way"

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