Lesson VI-8: Identity Theft For best results (and style points), you'll want to remove the victim's face and fingerprints and glue them over your own.

A Few Good Actors

Sometimes it feels like they're just making the rounds.

At the premiere, tempers flare in the control room when Lilly gets angry with Tom for repeatedly missing his marks on stage-and Tom blames Ricky's continuous minuscule edits to the script.

Bobbi Bernstein, substituting for Casey for the night, ruffles feathers when she makes an offensive remark to Dan about Rebecca.

Cal can't get Simon and Harriet on the set at the same time to block out a script, prompting them both to accede to Danny's request for a special session.

Dana unexpectedly confronts Sally and Casey about their affair, which leads Gordon to an unsettling conclusion.

Douglas Wegland and C.J. disagree on the message for a pre-election press conference, necessitating a conference between staffs. C.J. closes the press conference to make sure this conflict isn't picked up by Danny.

Helen Santos expresses concern to her husband on the campaign trail about the extensive political experience of some of his Republican rivals, including Senator Vinick and former (Acting) President Walken.

Jeremy's last-minute research turns up an interesting angle for Dan's story… as long as Chris can get the graphic up on the screen in time.

Joe Quincy's tenure in the White House is invoked when Edie lectures about inclusiveness during the transition.

Josh asks Margaret and Leo to be accomplices in a surprise party, but Donna accidentally finds out when she dials into the wrong phone conference line.

Judge Bebe recounts the history of sketch comedy to Jack Rudolph, who relates it to Matt for inclusion in the script for next week's show.

Mark Gottfried makes a verbal slip-up on "Capitol Beat," which leads Sam to wonder if his relationship with Laurie will become front-page news.

Mark O'Donnell pulls C.J. aside after the briefing to draw out some more information about the ongoing battle between the White House and Congress over a pharmaceuticals bill. She asks Toby to try to probe Ann Stark for more insights.

Monica Brazelton tries out a new shirt-and-tie combination for Dan, much to Casey's chagrin and Calvin Trager's amusement.

Special Agent Casper provides Leo with a list of the last names of suspected terrorists, and he quickly ropes in Kate Harper and Will to figure out how to handle public opinion.

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