Wrath Sin Event

Location: Saturday 9 am-11 am, 20 Chimneys (W20, 3rd floor)

Wrathful teams went to an art gallery, and were encouraged to bring a digital camera. In the Museum of Irate Tempers, the curators constantly expressed how angry they are, and encouraged the solvers to get angry to better appreciate the art.

Upon entering, teams were given a map (PDF) printed on a 6.75" by 8.5" page.

These pictures were presented in the museum walls in this order:

Each of these pictures should be printed on separate 8.5" by 11" pages. Make sure you configure your printer to fit to page with no margins.

When the team had somewhere they wanted to go, they checked in with the curators. When they brought back a photograph or illustration of what they needed to depict, they were allowed to leave and receive the Wrath meter.