Greed Sin Event

Location: Friday 6 pm-8 pm, 4-370

Greedy teams came to play a game show. Hostess Vanity Blight seated one person from each team in the front rows, and the rest of the team in the back. Host Pat Pending, irritated by the non-presence of announcer Don Ferderipo, summoned him from a bike ride in Aruba. Pat announced the show was "We Love Misfortune," and Don corrected it "Wheel of Misfortune." The two then bickered over where they were going to get a wheel at that hour, and Vanity reminded the boys that they had a perfectly good bike wheel. Don added his semicircular sun visors, which just happened to have dollar values and a bankrupt space on them.

In each round, Vanity pulled some members of the front row up on stage. These "chattel" were branded with a single letter, which they held while facing away from the audience. The chattel spelled out a phrase from the category "How This Group Of Chattel Will Undergo Endless Agonizing Suffering." A chattel holding a letter at the end of a word would raise their arm for the duration of the round.

An audience spun the bicycle wheel, indicating an amount of million bazillion dollars necessary to avoid a second of hellish suffering. Pat asked the audience to yell out a letter, picked one (apparently at random), and tapped chattel that held those letters, urging them to turn around to show their letters. Don gave a number which was a multiplier of the amount spun, apparently unconnected to the number of letters turned around.

The answers were these methods of torture (with multipliers in parentheses):

FILLETED WITH KNIVES (x1, x10, x16, x5, x9)

TRAMPLED BY HIPPOS (x15, x2, x8, x5, x11)

SULFURIC SPONGEBATH (x6, x16, x9, x14, x4)

MADE TO REPEAT FRESHMAN YEAR (x24, x6, x18, x9, x17)

BLINDED BY SEEING DON NAKED (x13, x2, x8, x3, x19)

When a team had the solution posed by this activity (click the View Solution button), they were allowed to leave the event and receive their Greed meter.