Gluttony Sin Event

Location: Saturday 12:30 - 2:30pm, Lobdell Cafeteria

Gluttonous teams came with stacks of food that were dictated by their team size.

Size 1-9
one 14+" pizza, two liters of drinks
Size 10-19
two 14+" pizzas, three liters of drinks, one 12+-oz. bag of snacks, one 12+-oz. bag of cookies
Size 20-29
two 14+" pizzas, four liters of drinks, two 12+-oz. bags of snacks, two 12+-oz. bags of cookies
Size 30-39
three 14+" pizzas, six liters of drinks, three 12+-oz. bags of snacks, three 12+-oz. bags of cookies, two pounds of baby carrots
Size 40-49
four 14+" pizzas, eight liters of drinks, three 12+-oz. bags of snacks, three 12+-oz. bags of cookies, three pounds of baby carrots
Size 50-59
five 14+" pizzas, eight liters of drinks, four 12+-oz. bags of snacks, four 12+-oz. bags of cookies, three pounds of baby carrots, one gallon of milk or soy milk
Size 60-69
six 14+" pizzas, ten liters of drinks, five 12+-oz. bags of snacks, five 12+-oz. bags of cookies, five pounds of baby carrots, two gallons of milk or soy milk

They were then required to sit and eat the food that they had brought with them.

While teams were eating, they played a game show called "Lose Your Lunch." This was a trivia quiz about snack food. High scores on the trivia quiz allowed to teams to win a prize, which turned out to be the ability to give the Hell staff some items of food rather than have the team members forced to consume them. First place could lose four items, second and third could lose three, fourth through tenth could lose two, and everyone else could lose one.

The trivia questions were (click View Solution for the answers):

President Ronald Reagan kept a jar of what type of candy in the Oval Office?
Who asked "Where's the Beef" in 1980s Wendy's ads?
What color of M&Ms was phased out due to health concerns?
In 1997, what children's meal offered by Kraft came under fire from nutritionists for its high fat and high salt content?
Satisfactellent, Nougatocity, Hungerectomy, Substantialicious, and Peanutopolis are all portmanteaus from what candy's advertising campaign?
Authentic Neapolitan pizza is made only with San Marzano tomatoes, grown in the plains near which volcano?
Within five, Takeru Kobayashi won the 2006 Nathan's hot-dog eating contest by eating how many Nathan's hot dogs in 12 minutes?
Louis' Lunch, which purports to be the birthplace of the hamburger, sits on what New England college's campus?
J.R. Simplot became a billionaire by selling what two-word food item to McDonalds?
Momofuko Ando died last weekend in Japan at the age of 96. He invented the process that makes instant… what?
On a standard restaurant table, what COLOR is the packet that will have sucralose in it?
Paris Hilton soaped up a Bentley in a "sexy" ad for what fast food restaurant's Spicy BBQ Six Dollar Burger?
Which company is located at One Hollow Tree Lane in Elmhurst, Illinois 60126?
Which pizza chain recently made the news for accepting pesos as payment in all U.S. stores?
Krembos in Israel, Whippet cookies in Canada, and Choco Pies in Korea all closely resemble what U.S. cookie manufactured and distributed only in wintertime by Nabisco?
What fast-food item was packaged to "keep the hot side hot and the cool side cool"?
Paula Poundstone does a routine about how it's impossible to eat just one of what common breakfast junk-food?
We all know the colonel has a secret recipe of herbs and spices. How many herbs and spices?
Spell "Cheez Whiz."
Just Born, a candy manufacturer from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, produces what common Easter junk food made of marshmallow, sugar, gelatin and carnauba?
What Ben & Jerry's flavor originated from a hoax a woman played on her Ben & Jerry-loving spouse?
In the movie A Christmas Story, what sugary drink does little Ralphie consume in order to get a secret decoder ring?
What company proclaims its product as the "ice cream of the future"?
While spectating in a hospital surgery room, what type of candy does Jerry accidentally knock from Kramer's hand into the patient's open body?
What dessert, originally served on only one specific day each week, was supposedly invented in 1881 by Mr. Ed Berner of Two River, Wisconsin?
What delicious snack food was advertised by South Park's Cartman to the tune of NPR's theme for "All Things Considered"?
Island Jerk, Royal Indian Curry, Aztec Chocolate, Dragon 5 Spice, and Twisted Chili Lime are limited-edition flavors introduced in November for what brand of potato chips?
In one of Bill Cosby's old routines describing kindergarten, he recalls snack time. He and the other children clamored for Hershey bars and Baby Ruth, but got what instead?
In the movie Demolition Man, in the future all restaurants are what?
What monster is missing from this list of cereal mascots: Count Chocula, Fruit Brute, Boo-Berry, Yummy Mummy, and…?

TIEBREAKER: According to, there are currently eleven different flavors of Doritos tortilla chips. (Flavors only - mini, natural, light, snack cups and baked do not count). Name as many as you can.

After losing any prize items and finishing the rest, they were allowed to leave the event and receive their Gluttony meter.