Envy Sin Event

Location: Saturday 3 pm-5 pm, 54-100

Envious teams came to play the game show Thingo, Bingo with things. Three-member teams each brought three items that they expected they might not get back, and these items were put on display. In exchange, the teams got three randomly chosen Thingo cards. Each Thingo card had a 5x5 bingo-style grid. The spaces were filled not with numbers but with descriptions like "something red" or "something from outer space." A bingo could be made by writing the names of items into five boxes in a row, column, or diagonal.

The Hell staff chose (or "stole") the first item, a block of metallic sodium brought by the team Metaphysical Plant. ALL teams then got to write that item in one of their boxes on one of their three cards. Metaphysical Plant, whose item was just stolen, got to pick the next item. This item was theirs to keep. This continued for about one hundred items.

The goal was to get three bingos on EACH card. When a team got one bingo on each of their cards, a runner highlighted the matches, and gave the team a slip of paper that said THE GREEN MONSTER.

When a team got two bingos on each card, it got a slip that said IN A DREAMWORKS CARTOON.

When a team got three bingos, they got a slip that said WHO MARRIES A MALE OGRE (8 5).

When a team turned in the answer (click the Check Answer button), they were allowed to leave the event and receive their Envy meter.