Solution to Revisions

by Aaron Dinkin

Each sentence is a sentence from one amendment to the U.S. Constitution, encrypted by a Caesar shift:

The 19th amendment, encoded by A -> O;
The 15th                       A -> D;
The 12th                       A -> X;
The 21st                       A -> Y;
The 20th                       A -> D;
The 9th                        A -> G;
The 15th                       A -> X;
The 14th                       A -> Q.

If you take the numbers of the amendments and convert them to letters, you spell the word SOLUTION. This is not the solution! But if you take the word SOLUTION and encrypt each letter by the Caesar shift which encrypted the corresponding amendment (so, encrypt S by A -> O, and so on), you get the word GRISWOLD. And that is the solution.

2006 MIT Mystery Hunt