Solution to Blue Steel

by Allen Rabinovich

Identify the fashion designers in the PDF on the floppy.

Tommy Hilfiger
Old Navy
Calvin Klein
Hugo Bass
Issey Miyake
Louis Vuitton
Donna Karan
Abercrombie & Fitch
Oscar de la Renta
Ralph Lauren

Next, follow the instructions on the text file on the floppy and go to (now at The scene is: Owen Wilson, looking through the translucent cover of an iMac, whispers "The files are INSIDE the computer... it's so simple." — we then cut to him smashing the iMac on the floor (there's like 25 minutes of unrelated footage between the two scenes).

The answer is INSIDE the floppy... break it in half and you will find a little label reading "Answer: COYLE."

2006 MIT Mystery Hunt