Solution to Got Your Number

by Aaron Dinkin

The first letters of the clues spell ALPHABETIZE BY CLUE. So, if you alphabetize the clues and answer them:

An even prime.                                            2.
April date of Henry Ford's death                          7
Birth year of Leo Tolstoy                              1828
"Blink" follower                                        182
Connecticut's east-west primary Interstate               84
Ellen ran for this many seasons                           5
Exactly seven and a half dozen                           90
Ezekiel chapter whose end is read on Shabbat ha-Chodesh  45
Harvard calculus course being taught by Alberto De Sole  23
Iodine's atomic number                                   53
LX                                                       60
Lyndon Johnson had this many secretaries of defense       2
"Pieces" of a Spanish coin                                8
The jumbo jet                                           747
Unlucky Friday                                           13
Years remaining in Ken Salazar's first Senate term        5
Z, if A = 1                                              26

...the answers in this order constitute the first 32 digits of e. The answer to the puzzle is E.

2006 MIT Mystery Hunt