Gather 'round, me boys, an' let me show ye some o' the foes I once
fought in th' depths known in th' old tongue as th' iron prison. Aye,
the original, where, like a rogue, I snuck 'neath th' mountains also
called th' iron prison! Look close to th' shapes o' th' creatures as I
show ye...

Phew!  'e still smells, don't 'e?  Nasty bugger kept makin' me fall
in'ta all kinda o' holes, many wit' spikes n' suchlike at th' bottom.
'least, when 'e n' the cronies 'e call'd wasn't makin' me head feel
like it was gunna 'splode.

I don't right know much 'bout 'this'un.  O'course, it didn't know
right much 'bout itself, neither.  Kinda crawled around, eatin' grub.
Mebbe kinda cute, I s'pose, if y' ignore the noises 't makes.

I did no' get much o' a chance to look at 'er when I was fightin' 'er,
twixt 'er bein' 'idden from me eyes, an' makin' it all dark all th'
time.  Ain't she a looker, tho'?

This'un burst thru th' door 'stead o' openin' it -- ripped it right t'
shreds wit' it's claws.  No' havin' hands, I reckon it'd ha' a hard
time openin' it any other way.  I could no' help but watch -- mostly
a'cause it'd caught m'eye wit' its whirlin' eyes.

Oooohh, was wuz a nasty one, mostly 'cuz it wuz to hard to get to 'er,
there was so many of her chillun's 'round 'er.  She sure did have a
strange way o' thinkin' o' the world.

A nasty beast -- it'd blind, slow, 'n confuse ya iff'n it got th'
chance.  'oever put it t'gether was a mite mad at th' world, I reckon.

Thar be a sayin' about beauty n' this thing's cousin.  I don't reckon
it's true, as lookin' at it takes yer sight away.  Ah reckon that's
sayin' somethin'.  Luckily, it don't move t'all, so y'can run away
real easy-like.


Th' weakest o' the kin o' the earlier such -- I was 'appy she no ha'
th' ability t' heal 'erself, unlike 'er sister..

Th' 'ammer o' th' priest o' "Pillar o' Heaven" was bane 'gainst this
here king.

In th' town itself, this here dolt made me take hole o' me backpack
for fear o' it gettin' lighter o' its own accord.


Th' worst part o' these little buggers is that every nibble they tak
o' ya, th' more mixed up y'get about where y'are or how yer killen 'em
-- an by th' time y'get 't all sorted out, there's e'en more o' em
than b'fore!

Son o' th' killer o' Thror yonder.  Nasty brute.

She wuz a piece 'o work. I 'ventually got tired o' dodgin' th' plasma,
though, 'an killed 'er. Ain't she a 'beaut?  Though I tried no' to
look too close.

Kin o' th' blubberin' thing earlier -- t'was no nastier, tho' I could
hardly see it.

Th' biggest an' nastiest o' the pups o' th' pooch who was known as th'
"blue wolf" in th' tongue o' th' elves.  'is name also means somthin'
in the' elvish.


Big brutish thing here r'ported t' Sorcerer-King o' many colors
hisself.  Note th' past tense -- 'e did no' care 'bout the flames o'
me sword, but 'e sure did feel th' edge.

There weren't but one 'o these fellas ever, and MY, was he UGLY.
Didn't want to get too close to 'im with magic, either, 'cuz 'e'd
drain th' magic out of yer wands n'all wit' each swipe.  An' on top o'
it all, 'e spewed fire 'an frost! Mighty nasty beast, thar.


Two heads more than 't should have, no?  I did no' get a good look at
it 'fore I slew it, 'cause I was no' wantin' t' let th' third head
there get a good look 't me n' turn me t' stone.

Oooh, this one -- 'e wuz a tough one. Well, a toughER one. They do no'
get very tough, but this one was th' ruler o' 'em.  Ah s'pose th'
skin's tough 'nough t' let 'em swim in acid, but that do no' stop 'em
from makin' a pleasant sound when I squish 'em.  They comes in quite a
few colors, but they be mostly red when I'm be done wit' 'em.

It breathed a *huge* ball o' nether at me -- biggern' most other such
things.  I 'spected that th' critter th' made 't was big, too, but
t'wasn't easy t'see 'til after I laid 't low.

There be nothin' terrible important 'bout this one, 'cepting that it
be a rodent o' unusual size.

Th' brute kept blinkin' away from me light spells -- I think it did
no' like 'em.  'e' could only cast two other spells, tho', so I did
no' worry 'bout 'im much.

Th' only thing I ever laid m'eyes on th' would gobble up m'vittles
wit' a swipe o' its invis'ble 'and.

An' this be a critter that be no' a fan o' light, an' who kin look ya
in th' eye an drain th' very strength from yer bones.  Do n'be fooled,
tho' -- th' fact that 't do no' move does no' make it dumb!  't can be
confused just like any other critter.

This be another o' th' beasts that crush folk 'tween their coils.
This one, she be able t' open doors, too -- tho' she no be th' most
powerful o' them.