Solution to The Cock Conundrum, Or, The Greatest Joke Ever Told

cute Boys by Joel Corbo and Allen Rabinovich; conundrum by Joel Corbo and Noah Snyder

This is a puzzle creatively combining two of Setec's best-loved puzzles: the Duck Konundrum and the Cute Boys Puzzle.

First identify all the cute boys and find their relevant biographical information. Conveniently one boy from each pair is in each column, and each column is alphabetical from top to bottom. Furthermore there is a hint describing each TV show at some point in the conundrum. Your information should look like this.

Now just follow the directions. The clue phrase spelled on the bare chests during turn 34 is BARRYWATSON'STESTICLES. The answer spelled on the bare butts during turn 40 is BUCKYBALLS. Barry Watson's nickname was Bucky.

For a more detailed descriptions of the state at each move: turn1, turn2, turn3, turn4, turn5, turn6, turn7, turn8, turn9, turn10, turn11, turn12, turn13, turn14, turn15, turn16, turn17, turn18, turn19, turn20, turn21, turn22, turn23, turn24, turn25, turn26, turn27, turn28, turn29, turn30, turn31, turn32, turn33, turn34, turn35, turn36, turn37, turn38, turn39, and turn40.

In the end you should have something like this:


2006 MIT Mystery Hunt