It's important for a good spy to know about the governments of the countries of the world. Please take this civics exam to show us that you do. Remember to write the full names of all people you're asked to identify.

  1. What number of hours does the average Supreme Court Justice spend having the same conversation over and over at parties?
  2. What country is the enemy of many others in its region?
  3. Whom did TV viewers judge as disturbing and untrustworthy based upon his appearance, only to be proven 100% right?
  4. What building will be located next to the Creationist Fact Center?
  5. Who drew a cartoon tiger mauling spectators?
  6. What is the name of Richard Nixon's pet?
  7. What is limited to 30 minutes per side?
  8. What did John F. Kennedy voters advertise having done?
  9. Only the cool Senators receive the largesse of companies manufacturing what product?
  10. What are mass-produced at the Shadow Cloning lab, aside from Hitlers and organ replacements?
  11. Whose nomination to the Supreme Court failed because he was a KKK member?
  12. Stars, pot leaves, cresents, Bhutanese dragons, and a frightening visage known as "Hitch" are all good choices for decorating what?
  13. What kind of accent does Teresa Heinz Kerry have?
  14. "Yes-Men of Freedom" is another name for what body?
  15. What is the name of one kind of chocolate cake?
  16. Whom did Rajiv replace?
  17. When campaigning in front of chocoholics, whom should you make sure to ask God to bless?
  18. Who lost the American Revolution?