1. Polar solvent; Unit of force; Money back; Ruler of Imakulata
8. Monopoly Brothers; Alabama Tigers; Member of group 17
9. Official language of Israel; Assistant to Burns; Foxy female
10. Impervious to noise; Station north of North White Plains
11. Revolting Turner; Sandbur genus; Yosemite's El ___
12. Snail nursery; Tubercular skin ailment
13. Dog in space?; Those who tread on coals


1. Traditional Harvard attendee; Process near hydrothermal vents
2. The Phantom of the Opera; The Neverending Story hero; Titanic danger; Anime Ayanami
3. The One; Rain Man condition; Impulsive and unpredictable
4. Portrayer of Archer and Beckett; Prefix when sulfur replaces oxygen; Ages Beyond Myst; A furlong by a chain; Sci ___
5. Flowering Scottish ground cover; Indigenous person of eastern Europe; Partner to Mrs. King
6. King Elessar; Father to Chewie; Roth, e.g.; Peter of Columbo
7. Amateur radio; Cloistered one; It holds paper against type; Port overlooking the Strait of Dover