Solution to Some Trolleys Named Lust

by Alex Vandiver

This is an Athena run-around of sorts. Many of the Athena commands are named after characters from 'A Streetcar Named Desire', hence the puzzle's title.

The first step is to subscribe to the zephyr class 'spies-status-notifications'. Every 60 seconds, a zephyr is set there containing the words 'eit-headquarters'.
'eit-headquarters' is a mailing list. Using 'moira', one can tell that it has multiple users on it:
        athena% blanche eit-headquarters
        STRING:red herrings are tasty fish
...however, the *real* clue lies in the 'tags' of the users on the list, as can be found using 'blanche -t':
        athena% blanche eit-headquarters -t
        STRING:red herrings are tasty fish (eit-komputer)
'eit-komputer' is (as its name implies) a computer. Using 'stella', we find:
        athena% stella eit-komputer
        Machine:  EIT-KOMPUTER.MIT.EDU
        Vendor:   LARRYBEN            Location:        64-G509
Next, we must find 'larryben's user id, using hesinfo:
        athena% hesinfo larryben passwd
        larryben:*:22148:101:Lawrence G Benedict,,4-110,6172534052,:/mit/larryben:/bin/athena/tcsh
'22148' is actually a list! Using blanche, we find:
        athena% blanche 22148 -i
        List: 22148
        Owner: USER alexmv
Using finger, we find 'alexmv's .plan:
        athena% finger alexmv
        Login name: alexmv
        To take over the world!  Bwahaha!
        I maintain the domain in my copious spare time.
Using 'dig', we can find the 'TXT' record of the domain:
        athena% dig -t TXT
        ;; ANSWER SECTION:              259200  IN      TXT     "eit-backdoor"
'eit-backdoor' is a computer. Using 'stella', we find:
        athena% stella eit-backdoor
        Machine:  EIT-BACKDOOR.MIT.EDU
        Location:        56777
56777 is the group id (GID) of a group. Using hesinfo, we can find the group:
        athena% hesinfo 56777 gid
...and from there, its members, using 'blanche':
        STRING:1. validate locker slash file
        STRING:2. http web slash file
        STRING:3. perl-lib locker slash file
        STRING:4. accounts locker slash file
        STRING:5. resnet locker slash port
Those point to five files; their content is irrelevant, all we care about is their sizes:
        /mit/validate/file         18   101
        /mit/perl-lib/file          3
        /mit/accounts/file         92
        /mit/resnet/port        31337
Connecting to the IP address, we recieve a 1.3M file:
        athena% nc 31337 > saved
Using 'file', we determine:
        athena% file saved
        saved: tcpdump capture file (little-endian) - version 2.4 (Ethernet, capture length 65535)
It is easiest to analyze this file in Ethereal or tcpflow (from the sipbnet and outland lockers, respectively). Running tcpflow on the file:
        athena% add outland
        athena% tcpflow -r saved
...produces one file, signifying that all of the information was one-way between two hosts.
WORD 64636
Using 'file' on the output from tcpflow, we determine:
        athena% file file gzip compressed data, from Unix
We unzip this using gunzip:
        athena% cat | gunzip > unzipped
...and we find a lone list of words. Taking the 64636th word, we obtain "warmths."

Thus, the answer is WARMTHS.

2006 MIT Mystery Hunt