It was while Calin was vacationing in Ireland that he met the bewitching Bryna Torrence and shattered every Commandment on the spot. Sometimes it seemed as though his native small Alaskan town had only two people, so lonely had he been since he got there. Now she must atone for all her Deadly sins by finding this baby, and if the private investigator was attractive, so much the better! And though Grace was still in great personal danger, her impossible beauty and her sixth sense for trouble drew him to want to dally in passion rather than pursue a thief and a murderer.

Indeed, the fact that Selik was a wanted man in four countries made him try to abandon Rain, in an effort to protect her. But when a time-traveling orca has decided your fate, even if others won't give you a second glance because of it, you can't help but give in. The fact that there were more than eight children waiting for him restrained his passion; a virile Viking must beware of having too many conquests. Though it seemed a shame to give up after chasing that red-haired witch and her septet of sheep all over the countryside!

Anne took a step back and composed herself; four years ago she said 'no' to this man. Her sister Jane was always the beauty, the one destined for marriage; now after thrice insulting the man she had come to love, how could she hope for another proposal? Though it had been the fashion for the last quarter of a century for cousins to marry, the difference in their stations made his family distrustful of her beauty and grace, even if Henry himself could get past her fancy for Gothic novels.

Involuntarily, Brianna stretched her hand towards her husband's neck, the rope burns from his encounter with death forming a garish quincunx on his skin. Roger responded by placing his palm on her pregnant stomach, leaving it still as the baby kicked a foot full of lively toes against his enclosure. The knowledge that but a week remained until the start of the Revolution made the consummation all the more urgent.

Crossdressing was not high on Sir Richard's list of attractive female characteristics, but nonetheless, this Corinthean couldn't help but picture what she would look like with those three grungy layers of boyish clothing off. Of course, the Duke of Salford could look at beauty all he liked, but a wife must meet the far more exacting requirements of wealth, breeding and refinement, and he must have a wife by March. Arabella barely had more than sixpence to her name, but irritation had caused her to tell him that she was an heiress to inflame him. The Battle of Waterloo was perhaps not the most romantic of backdrops, but he thanked the Trinity daily for placing him where he could help his country and meet lovely nurses.

Sam pondered Turner, her eyes sweeping over the cybernetic Lithium enhancements, only allowing her mind to fleetingly ponder what other enhancements he might have. It was exciting for her to think that she may have actually met another Rhon psion—the quintessential man of her dreams, and one she never expected to actually meet. The cyborg even shared the same Mayan ancestry and the same telepathy; Tina wondered what it would be like to lay with limbs and minds entwined at this eleventh hour of their acquaintance. Truly the robot body was superior, a glistening Homo superior, frightening and beautiful from the hexamethyl in his finger tips to the human synapses of his brain.

There was a bond between Miles and Katie with no question, but monogamy was quite a price to pay for their children's happiness. A Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter should never feel unsure, but this resort manager Marcus nibbling each of the toes on one foot was making it hard to concentrate on her work to expose a gangster. Furthermore, after being acquitted of murder by ice pick, she hardly seemed to have time to play an octave on the piano between enjoying the men that flitted her into and out of her life. David might be different though; his staid attitude clashed with her free spirit, but as they sank to the bed she saw he had given her a present of a trio of wildly patterned kneesocks.