Bow to your partner
Bow to your corner
Allemande Left to an Allemande Thar
Turn the Thar 7/8 (almost all the way around)
Slip The Clutch
Cast Off 1/2
Couple 1 Cast another 1/8
Couple 2 Cast another 3/8*
Go Home
Sides Square Thru 4
All California Twirl
Pass Thru
Sides Squeeze*
Heads Quarter In
Heads Pass Thru
Couple 3 Press Ahead twice*
Heads U-turn Back
Heads Star Thru with partner
Couple 2 Half Pull-by
Couple 2 girl Shove Off Twice*
Couple 4 boy Reverse Truck three times*
Couple 2 U-turn Back
Couple 4 do the boy's part of Truck
Sides Peel The Top*
Sides U-turn Back
Ah So
Heads Partner Tag
Couple 4 Run around the nearest end
Cross By twice*
Hubs Trade Back
Heads follow your neighbor and spread
Sides hinge*
Heads anchor the boys and cast off 7/8
Couple 4 girl sprain your ankle and go sit down*