1. With skill
9. What doctors recommend instead of petroleum application?
10. Pierre's friend
12. Moon of Jupiter
13. Initials of composer and lyricist of Cats
15. x1, fax number of a van manufacturer
17. Recent Shakespeare film adaptation
18. Three straight days of music to a Harvard student
19. Compare United Kingdom (abbr.)
21. Nothing compares 2 this
22. x2, phone number of a ballot initiative sponsor
24. Answer to "What's the byproduct of smelting, dawg?"
26. U.F.O. pilot
27. Golfer Michelle
28. Not radial
30. Difficultly
1. Those paying for services
2. Something that used to be a chart
3. Ave.
4. x3, phone number of a regatta chair
5. Beatles album
6. Type of intersection
7. Cartoon therapist cocreated by Snyder, Mr.
8. Doo's dance partner
11. Worship of a golden calf
14. x4, phone number of a script writing workshop organizer
16. Paul Charron's job title (abbr.)
20. Fiona Apple album
23. Empire state org. for one-wheelers
25. Goes with art in triv. purs.
29. Word said by certain knights
31. Bad grade

(3269501 * x1 * x2 * x3 * x4) modulo 10000103

Note: please do not call any phone numbers found in this puzzle.