Solution to Counting Your Chickens...

by Ross Hatton

Click on the thumbnails for full-sized images. When you do, you'll notice (well, you may notice) that each full-sized image is missing some objects that appear in the thumbnail. For instance, the first full-sized image, of the quilt, is missing five baskets that can be found in the thumbnail (you can see these more clearly if you open the thumbnail in a separate window; it turns out in fact to be just as large as the full-sized image).

The list of missing objects is as follows:

5 baskEts
2 aXes
1 Clamp
2 pLanes
2 rAdishes
1 Mussel
4 kodAma
4 boaTs
2 tIres
3 clOuds
3 tiNies
1 Pumpkin
2 hOrses
5 menhIrs
3 wiNdows
5 lighTs

If you take the number of each object that are missing and use that number to index into the name of the object, it spells out EXCLAMATION POINT, which is the answer to the puzzle.

2006 MIT Mystery Hunt