Due to ---------'s famous canals, the traveler always has the choice of traveling by land or by boat. We highly recommend the canals as a great way to see the city, but you should always keep in mind that it's usually fastest to take a canal boat for part of the trip and walk the rest of the way. Although the locals also travel by means of skyways (paths from rooftop to rooftop), we do not recommend that you try this alone, as some rooftops are home to thieves.

It is best to visit --------- in the summer, because the stores are closed during much of the long winter. The main focus of any visit to this city is their world-renowned fairground. Don't miss the roller coaster, Ferris wheel, or trapeze artists. But the real highlight is the motorcycle daredevil's Death-Ride.

The best tavern in ------ is also located on this block. You can identify it by the giant tankard sign hanging outside the door. After a night of heavy drinking remember to follow all local regulations, including the ubiquitous signs forbidding urinating behind the kiosks. Use the bathroom in the tavern before you leave, as a ticket for urinating can break the budget of a young traveler.

A good day-trip to make is to check out the world famous carpet in the nearby city of -------. Local legend has it that this carpet predates the city.

All the nicest hostels in -------- have a window view of the lake. The best way to enjoy a free hour here is to watch the city's exquisite reflection in the crystal clear water. However, we recommend you shut your blinds before engaging in any activity you would like to keep private from all the other tourists and residents watching through your window and its reflection.

For centuries the residents of ------- have taken part in elaborate rituals to preserve the remains of their dead. The origin of these rituals is unknown, and the result is elaborate rooms of preserved corpses. The poses reflect their lives: a blacksmith's mummy holds a hammer and stands by an anvil. Especially macabre are the mummified animals (keep an eye out for the heifer being milked by a dead milkmaid).

The first thing that a traveler must do upon entering ------- is to buy a new map. Make sure it is no more than half a year old, as the residents are constantly shifting the city's streets around. A good map is especially crucial because the city is full of dead ends that are often difficult to escape. Be sure to plan your exact travel route ahead of time, or you may never find your destination.