Solution to Hollow Man

by Jeff Cohen

In each group of names, one person was in a movie with Kevin Bacon. Sort the names with that person first and such that the person in the (n+1)th position was in a movie with the person in the nth position. Then use the numbers to index into the names of the people in each group. Here are the names in the groups, sorted, and the corresponding letters:

Tom Hanks(3)M
Matt Damon(2)A
Salma Hayek(10)K
Kevin Kline(2)E
Elisabeth Shue(5)A
Nicolas Cage(7)S
Christopher Plummer(8)P
Jennifer Connelly(16)Y
Mena Suvari(1)M
John Leguizamo(2)O
Viggo Mortensen(1)V
Demi Moore(4)I
Cameron Diazc(4)E
Laurence Fishburne(9)F
Monica Bellucci(2)O
Heath Ledger(11)R
Rachel Griffiths(4)H
Dennis Quaid(7)Q

Once teams make a spy movie for HQ, they get the answer, DEEJAY.

2006 MIT Mystery Hunt