Interrogation Records solution

Just answering the trivia clues and taking the indicated letter of each answer spells out RED HERRING:

traceR bullet
harriEt the spy
john steEd
cut-me-own-throat dibbleR
john le caRre
kim possIble
austiN powers
johnny enGlish

This is not the correct answer, however. Remember that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern suggested that answering in the form of a question, as on Jeopardy!, might come in handy in Moriarty's interrogation room. So, answer each clue in the form of a question and take the indicated letters:

who is Tracer bullet?
who is Harriet the spy?
who is pEnfold?
who is Tanith?
who is joHn steed?
who is cut-me-own-throat dIbbler?
who is johN le carre?
who is kiM possible?
who is Austin powers?
who is johNny english?

Now the indicated letters spell THE THIN MAN, which is the name of the next agent you need to contact in Moriarty's lair.