Author: Dan Katz

(Note: this solution is preliminary; questions/answers may be changed at the last minute if things change at the mall.)

The answers to the sixteen questions at the mall are:

1. Pretzel Dog
2. 9
3. $1400
4. free watch
5. love the French
6. WB 47531
7. Copenhagen
8. 1.7 cm
9. 2 for $89.99
10. Elmo
11. 25
12. double meat
13. Buffalo Blasts
14. 6
15. Arden B.
16. U2

Each of these can be traded for a piece of an image (1 of 16, the image was broken into a grid 4 by 4) featuring a bumblebee, a Frenchman in front of the Eiffel Tower holding a glass of water next to water (with arrows pointing to both waters), a pirate with a blank word balloon, and a picture of Ren and Stimpy with an arrow pointing to Ren. See below. Pronouncing these, you get bee, eau, arr, Ren = B, O, R, N = BORN.