There Was A Young Man From Cambridge



We tool on our p-sets with pride
But we do other stuff on the side.
Deduce what, win acclaim,
But when writing each name
Leave the "MIT" out (it's implied.)

They sacrifice time for a One
Who'll lay waste to the world when he's done
Their perks and their frills
Are free meat cooked on grills
And they love crafts (forgive me the pun.)

A state governed by african beast
Is their specialty? Not in the least.
Meds are much more their style.
(No, I'm serious, I'll
Swear an oath that you're not being fleeced.)

A station where movies are aired
They're not. But I bet they were scared
When told "We're uprooting
Your time for recruiting."
Once Chuck's frosh decree was declared.

I came way late to class and got stuck
In a room among folks run amok
Those who heckle abound,
Now I can't hear the sound,
And the chorus insists that they suck.

You might think that this is a place
Where you could buy Without A Trace.
But that's being obtuse
For the stuff they produce
Is live and in front of your face.

Their logo's a hiker with fur
The sun shines upon him (or her.)
They installed something nifty
On the third floor of fifty,
But reveal people's secrets? No sir.

You'll find you need not be Germanic
To read what they print, so don't panic.
There's photos, and better,
There's not just one letter
(Some terms the book's truly titanic!)

Of those singing sans instrumentations,
This particular group makes vibrations.
The crowd applauds madly
Whene'er they sing badly
And then, in the end, adulations.

Kicking back with my friends new and old
And constructing art pieces? I'm sold!
They'll have, at the border,
Their papers in order,
And when they play poker, they fold.

"Watch the birdie"'s advice they find sage
As in their source of fun they engage.
But a darkroom's not where
Entertainment they share;
Instead they'll be found in a cage.

Their choice of conveyance is loud
So they often stand out in a crowd.
When convened, they relax
And no one hogs the snacks.
I think Dennis Hopper'd be proud.

The chefs cook up grub for the show...
Where they found it? You don't want to know.
But it's all you can eat
And the recipes? Sweet
Though they make them all up as they go.

They are not figures found on a plane
Nor are they locations by Main.
Will you join them next fall?
Well, you'd best make the call
And then they will (but don't get a sprain!)

They'll push all their skills to the brink
And it'll pay off, they won't sink.
But how will they stack up
Once they've gotten back up
On land? They will manage, I think.