The Two Towers

By Ray Jones and Kiran Kedlaya


The "two towers" in the title are the Dreyfoos and Gates towers of the
Stata Center, in which this puzzle takes place.

First put the photos into pairs; each pair consists of Ray taking a
photo of Kiran, then Kiran taking a photo of Ray without either of
them moving.  Then for each pair, find the locations where Ray and
Kiran were standing on a map of the Student Street (the ground floor
of Stata), and plot the line segment between them. The resulting
segments spell out the word SILICON, which is the answer to the

Here is a key to the photos, based on the scanned map below. The
notation works as follows: the first line "3 K-R" means that the first
photo is a photo taken by Kiran of Ray along segment 3.

3 K-R
13 K-R
2 R-K
11 K-R
15 R-K
1 R-K
6 R-K
2 K-R
14 R-K
8 R-K
9 R-K
6 K-R
16 R-K
15 K-R
4 K-R
13 R-K
12 R-K
10 R-K
12 K-R
7 K-R
3 R-K
9 K-R
5 K-R
5 R-K
4 R-K
10 K-R
8 K-R
11 R-K
16 K-R
1 K-R
7 R-K
14 K-R