Greg Pliska


Identify the celebrity who has each tattoo. If the tattoo is on the front view image, take the first letter of the celebrity’s full name; if the tattoo is on the back view image, take the last letter of the celebrity’s full name. Order the letters by the numbers on the images.


LENA KATINA is the correct answer to this puzzle.


letter   name                                       tattoo                          front/back                  

L          Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes              Falcon + 80                  front left tricep


E          Eminem                                    Rot In Pieces                front belly


N         Jenna Jameson                          heartbreaker                 right butt cheek


A         Angelina Jolie                           quod me nutrit              front abdomen


K         Pink                                         bar code                       back of neck


A         Allen Iverson                            Soldier                         front right tricep


T          Tom Arnold                              Rosanne head               front chest


I           Iman                                         Bowie knife                  inside front right ankle


N         Pamela Anderson                     barbwire                       left arm back


A         Anastacia                                ankh design                  lower back