Shift Break



At the bottom of the typewritten note you find the message: 
"my shift seems to be broken sorry for the mixup"
became producer of the cancer 1934
moderated three witch trials 1953
hosted show 1954
was named nfl modern major general 1959
produced pet beatles 1962
was elected actor in a play 1963
published tropic of years in hollywood 1965
led mass sounds 1966
recorded every time you plays staged on broadway 1967
released album springfield 1968
allegorized salem coach of the year 1971
depicted as narrator of suicide 1978
represented pittsburgh in senator from illinois 1984
won tony for best go away 1985
published my first hundred goodfellas 1990
had simultaneously four presidential debates 2000
rewrote lyrics to academy awards 2001
created tonight reloaded 2003
left buffalo all star game 2004