Rite Awaits Myth



You enter a mysterious candlelit room, the table before you set for some kind of ritual. There are place cards, but it's not clear who they're for or where they go. Only one, for someone named Feste, has been set already...

Actor who played a T.V. announcer in Toy Story

After his friend Messala betrayed him, he became a slave

Alcmene's child who is plagued constantly by his stepmother

An Introduction to the Performance of Bach author

Character played by Coogan and Niven in the movies

He lost his Missouri senate race to a dead man in 2000

He was a staple of daytime television long before he had a late-night talk show for 18 months on CBS

He's the second oldest member of the Apollo 11 crew

His son Ashley had a brief marriage to Shannen Doherty

His writ of July 16, 1860, dissolved the United States of America

Killer of Clara and Gilbert Lambertson

King of Israel and second son of David and Bathsheba

"Patients" of this doctor included Thomas Youk and Janet Adkins

Russian woman known for her libido and secret marriage to Potemkin

She used hatchets and hymns to do divine work

Stoppard's play Arcadia includes this character as a tutor

The quarter-mile-wide Snake River Canyon was his Rubicon in September of 1974

The Statue of Liberty's armature was designed by this French engineer

This Baywatch and V.I.P. actress released her first novel in 2004

This criminal pair was gunned down on May 23, 1934

While searching for her daughter, Demeter was welcomed by this King and his wife Metanaira