3 5 4 3 4 5. 2 11 6 2 8, 6, 3 7.

Assembly mnemonic on a 6800 processor for "Pull the status register and the program counter from the stack in order."
Educational tool with 44 symbols, developed by Sir James Pitman
Extension for laser dispatch data files
Ex-wives often no longer need this designator for their maiden names
Gatecrash a party (Brit. slang)
Grunts of pain
Highly popular New York talk radio station
Honfleurais' table seasoning
Ichthyosaurs had a large caudal one
Online travel reservation system shorthand for a Hilton or Hyatt, e.g.
Operator that produces a statement that is the inverse of an input statement
Ordinal suffixes
Particularly violent whirlwinds off the Faroe Islands
Received, as news
Solar system's center
Take a chair
Three-letter article, adverb or preposition
Titan probe Huygens' launch organization
Twilight, biscuit and between derive from this Indo-European root
"Vorbei" recording artists