Remembering Our Roots



To Whom It May Concern -

As many of you noticed, due to the tireless efforts of the City Council to prepare this weekend's Centennial Celebration, this year's Founder's Day Pageant has not yet been produced. Or cast. Or written. We'd like you to remedy this by doing all three, obeying the following rules:

1) The pageant should be between three and five minutes in length. We will stop you. Or make you keep going.

2) The pageant should tell the story of the founding of Normalville. This should be informative and historically accurate. Or at least funny.

3) The pageant should contain a musical number that lasts at least one minute.

4) Finally, and most importantly, the pageant has a number of sponsors this year, and they all want to make sure they get some recognition. Therefore, you must chose AT LEAST EIGHT of the following sixteen sponsors and recognize them during the pageant either by (a) uttering a slogan or jingle for the sponsor's product, (b) conspicuously using or discussing the product in the pageant, or (c) having a pageant character give a testimonial for the product. You may use any of the three methods for each product, but you must use each method at least once.

Our Sponsors:

AOL-Time Warner
Burger King
Capital One
General Mills
Levi Strauss
Old Navy
Procter & Gamble

Call us to arrange a performance.

- The City Council