Pieces of Eight
By Chris Morse

Each of the clues clues something that begins with A, B, O or AB together. Each has a positive or negative connotation, thus representing the 8 blood types. The 8 at the top, represent the code (in octal) that all the other clues use. So, if you look at all the sets of one or two clues, using the designations at the top of the puzzle, they give a one or two digit number (in octal). So, for example, the first one is B-, which is the number 1, or the letter A. Or, the 5th set is A- and AB+ which is 24 (which would be 20 in decimal) or the letter T.


0. Anne Boleyn (AB-)
1. Basilisk (B-)
2. Attila (A-)
3. Oceania (O-)
4. American Beauty (AB+)
5. Benvolio (B+)
6. Avalon (A+)
7. Odin (O+)

Beelzebub (B-)
1 - A

Octahedral (O+)
7 - G

Belladonna (B-)
Aquila (A+)
16 - N

Birthday (B+)
5 - E

Annas (A-)
Ace Bandage (AB+)
24 - T

Bluebeard (B-)
Atomic Bomb (AB-)
10 - H

Bankruptcy (B-)
1 - A

Acropolis (A+)
6 - F

Bluto (B-)
1 - A

Brobdingnag (B-)
Aurora Borealis (AB+)
14 - L

Antietam (A-)
AA Batteries (AB+)
24 - T

Apple (A-)
Opium (O-)
23 - S

Beetlejuice (B-)
Osteoporosis (O-)
13 - K

Bromine (B-)
Orangemen (O+)
17 - O

Onomatopoeia (O+)
7 - G