Pieces of Eight



Unfortunate second wife of Henry VIII
This killed Moaning Myrtle
The Scourge of God
Winston Smith's dreary country
Birch film or attractive rose
Romeo's loyal, pacifistic friend
King Arthur's paradise
Supreme and powerful Norse god

Malevolent lord of the flies

Six-coordinate geometry of a brilliantly blue cupric complex with waters attached

Deadly nightshade species
Its brightest star is Altair

Enjoyable annual nativity celebration

High priest who first questioned and examined Jesus
This stretchy wrap can make a sprain feel much better

Connubially murderous pirate
Fat Man or Little Boy

Calamitous event that brings on Chapter 11

Picturesque home to the Erechtheion honoring a legendary king

Olive Oyl's despicable suitor

Dangerous land of giants near Lilliput
Spectacular light display in the northern sky

Bloodiest battle of the US Civil War
Two of these cylinders bring your remote to life

Edible inciter of discord and the Trojan War
Addictive bitter narcotic derived from the poppy

Disruptive post-mortem Michael Keaton character
Degenerative condition in older women's bones

A deep red corrosive and toxic liquid element
Syracuse's successful athletes

Mellifluous sounding words that are imitative