Peach Winslow
By Chris Morse

Each of the following clues is for a horse name that ended the Derby
with a win, a place, or a show.  If they won, take the first letter,
if they placed, take the second letter, if they showed, take the third
It spells:  Home of North Dakota State University

Answer: FARGO

Hoax - Sham(2) H
Nebraskan city - Omaha(1) O
Mideastern capital - Damascus(3) M
Brother of Jake - Elwood (1) E
West coast footballer - Forty niner(2) O
Name of three Holy Roman Emperors - Ferdinand(1) F
Actress Anne - Bancroft (3) N
Effective public speaker - Elocutionist(3) O
Sorrow - regret(1) R
Buddy - mate(3) T
Military unit - phalanx(2) H
WWII Pacific battleground - midway(3) D
Averred - affirmed(1) A
70's slugger - Kingman(1) K
Jimmy Buffet song - volcano(2) O
Part of a radio code - dit(3) T
New Hampshire City - Nashua(2) A
Musical symbol - bass clef (3) S
Headwater stream of the Licking River - Strodes Creek (2) T
One of the Merry Men - Alan-a-dale(1) A
Aussie biscuit - Tim Tam (1) T
Breathtaking - awe inspiring (3) E
A great lake - huron(2) U
Secret message medium - invisible ink (2) N
Abacus descendent - slide rule (3) I
Incarnation - avatar(2) V
Flintstone family member - Pebbles(2) E
The soul of wit - brevity(2) R
Soviet administrative department - secretariat (1) S
Shuttle name - discovery(2) I
Florida campsite -  Thunder Gulch(1) T
Alabama State Representative Allen - Layson(3) Y