New Zoo Revue



Zoe the zookeeper needs your help!

The Menagerie

Zoe has built a zoo, but she needs to fill it with animals. Every animal on her list must appear in the grid exactly once, reading either across or down, one letter per square. Any "word" of two or more adjacent letters or more must be one of the animals on the list. The entries must form one fully interconnected network. Zoe has already placed some Z's and O's for you; you will not need to write any more of your own.

anemone dove rhea
argali eohippus rhino
asp gnu roach
ass grouse rook
baboon hornet rooster
bee kea sloth
boa mako teiid
bonobo mongoose zander
bot orca zebra
brant otter zedonk
dog pogy


Seeing that you're handy with words, Zoe uses some Scrabble tiles from the woodpecker's cage to show you a neat trick: she can make a word square by putting BEE, EEL, and ELK in three rows, one on top of the other. Not only can you read those three animals in order in each row, but you can also read them in the same order by reading down the columns.

Show Zoe you're not impressed: using multiple copies of some of the tiles below, make a similar word square of three animals, but limit yourself to only using birds.

Mating Call

"Since you're so clever," Zoe says, "you can start writing our outgoing message for Jack Jacksnipe's Joke of the Day Hotline." Zoe was apparently trying to answer "What do you get when you cross a colorful fish with a picturesque bird?", but it wasn't very funny.