Neighborhood 2 normal and super meta

By lots of people including Brian Tivol, Kiran Kedlaya and

Chris Morse


Each of the answers in this neighborhood is an actual

object.  If you read the names of the objects from left to

right, phonetically they represent the super power.




Currently the objects are



    PIN   KEY


The pin is a red plastic bowling pin

the soup is a can of Campbell's condensed tomato soup

the Pert is a mini bottle of the shampoo

the tile is a piece of small red tile

the key is just a plain keyboard key

the tack is a red thumbtack


Super meta:


The answers are all in order as a diagonal on the map.  If

you use the 3 by 2 grid of objects as a BRAILLE key, then

each word describes some of the objects you have (or have

seen), and then those objects represent the dots for the

letters. Reading in order, it spells out the costume piece.


Costume Piece: LACY BRA



SOLID OF REVOLUTION (soup, tack, pin)


FLUID (soup, pert)

UNSHARPENED (soup, pert, tile, pin, key)

METALLIC (soup, tack)

RED (soup, tack, tile, pin)

EDIBLE (soup)



and the Braille letters spelling LACY BRA are

   L    A    C    Y    B    R    A
   *.   *.   **   **   *.   *.   *.
   *.   ..   ..   .*   *.   **   ..
   *.   ..   ..   **   ..   *.   ..