Greg Pliska

A table is set up with a row of 19 unlabeled serving bowls of
cereal. Bowls, spoons and milk are available for solvers to help
themselves to breakfast. On a separate table is a box filled with
jigsaw pieces cut from the front panels of the 19 boxes of
cereal. (The photographs of the actual cereal have been conveniently
cut from these box fronts.)

Solvers must reassemble the 19 box fronts, ordering them by placing
them in front of their requisite cereal bowls. The number of black
dots on the back of each box tells solvers what letter to take from
the name of the cereal.

The correct order and indexing gives the following:

POS.    CEREAL NAME                       # of DOTS       LETTER
1       Alpha-Bits                        7               I
2       Grape Nuts                        6               N
3       Product 19                        7               T
4       Lucky Charms                      7               H
5       Apple Cinnamon Cheerios           5               E
6       Count Chocula                     7               H
7       Corn Flakes                       9               E
8       Apple Jacks                       7               A
9       The SpongeBob SquarePants Cereal  22              T
10      Honey Bunches of Oats             2               O
11      Life                              3               F
12      Fruity Pebbles                    5               T
13      Wheaties                          2               H
14      Cheerios                          3               E
15      Bran Flakes                       4               N
16      Kix                               2               I
17      Golden Grahams                    7               G
18      Cap'n Crunch                      10              H
19      Honey Nut Toasted Oats            8               T

IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT is the correct answer to this puzzle.