It’s Only A Game

By Greg Pliska


Each sentence is a sentence from the instructions to a different game. Taking the initial letters of

the games, with the paragraph breaks as spaces, yields the phrase DESIGNS DRAWN WITH

WHEELS OR GEARS INSIDE RINGS. This phrase is from the instructions to the game

SPIROGRAPH, which is the answer.



D         At the start of the game, each Great Power controls three supply centers, with the exception of Russia, which controls four. (Diplomacy)

E          The object of the game is to have the largest number of mutation points on the mutation point track when the meteor hits. (Evo)

S          The "Flag" and the "Bomb" pieces cannot be moved. (Stratego)

I           Do not mistake INVESTOR CARDS for CLAN CARDS. (I’m The Boss)

G         You will only get a few seconds to act out each word before its card gets swallowed. (Guesstures)

N         Every round, a player receives an extra Shilling of income for each pilgrim he has in play. (New England)

S          To escape capture, Mr. X must move cleverly and secretly (Mr. X’s wereabouts are revealed only as many as 5 times during the game); to corner Mr. X, the detectives must use ingenuity and cooperation. (Scotland Yard)


D         The player who defeats the evil wizard Z’Mindrik is the winner! (Dork Tower)

R         You may bury Counters in the new nest if you wish, or take this opportunity to discard one or two colors completely so you can trump these colors when they are led against you. (Rook)

A         The gates on the board are set at random. (Avalanche)

W        It is possible to walk by an opponent or cast a spell past him without affecting him at all, if you want to. (Wiz-War)

N         When you play a Something Has Happened card, show it to your opponent, do what it says, and then discard it. (Neopets)


W        Here’s an example of Chance scoring: you roll A-I-H-I-M-O-N which is actually 4 words…“A”…“I”…“HIM”…and “ON”. (Word Yahtzee)

I           Because once you open this package, you may never see these cubes in the same order again! (Instant Insanity)

T          Once limbs are placed on circles, including both feet at the start, they cannot be moved or lifted without the direction of the Referee by each spin. (Twister)

H         Whenever any player draws a card reading “Ring the Bell” he immediately rings the bell and moves the Farmer. (Hey, Pa, There’s a Goat on the Roof)


W        He will respond differently based on whether you give him a TUG (a gentle pull on his underwear) or a WEDGIE (where his underwear raises him into the air). (Wally Gets A Wedgie)

H         Whoever is caught holding “Chip” when the music stops must turn over his first card, revealing one of the letters. (Hot Potato)

E          A song is anything with a tune and words. (Encore)

E          Using the pan handler, slide pan into baking chamber until arrow lines up with edge of chute. (Easy-Bake Oven)

L          Following the printed letters on the picture (see the chart below), insert the color pegs through the paper and into the peg screen as far as they will go. (Lite Brite)

S          Diagonal words are not permitted. (Scrabble)



R         A complete listing of all the board elements, including what they do and when they do it, can be found on the Factory Floor Guide. (Roborally)


G         You and your undead friends have been working at this accursed establishment ever since you rose from the grave, and the only real difference between this job and being completely dead is that there was more fun stuff to do in Hell. (Give Me The Brain)

E          Each additional house, built on the property, costs the same amount. (Easy Money)

A         You make money by forming corporations, buying the right stock at the right time, as well as merging and expanding corporations in which you own stock. (Acquire)

R         A joker can be retrieved from a set on the table by a player who can replace it during his turn with a tile of the same numerical value and color it represents. (Rummikub)

S          Todas son frijoles; todas tienen tonos diferentes; todas tienen dos símbolos; sin embargo, dos son rojas y la otra es verde. (Set)


I           Every player represents a railway company whose object is to construct as long tracks as possible to be able to get most possible passengers and thereby gaining as many points as possible. (Iron Horse)

N         After you have reached and finished puzzle 100, the lights will flash up and down every time you select your color. (Nemesis Factor)

S          If you’re the Moderator and the question number is in a black circle, like this Œ, the other players reveal what they know – or don’t know! – about you by writing down what they think your answer will be. (Split Second)

I           (Example: “The KKK, assisted by the CIA, will attempt to control the Yuppies.”) (Illuminati)

D         Setzt ein Spieler ein anderes Kamel derselben Karawane neben dieselbe Oase, so erhält er keinen weiteren Oasen-Chip. (Durch am Wuste)

E          Turn both knobs together for angles and curves. (Etch-A-Sketch)


R         He makes his free move if he can and wishes to. (Risk)

I           All players now decide which of the 6 answers best fits Jack, and, without discussion, place the Numbered Card matching the number of their choice face down in front of them. (iMAgiNiff)

N         A player drawing a Mystery Card which reads “change position of your car with that of any other car” follows these instructions immediately. (Nancy Drew)

G         Note: the Teacher must not read the answer until after the player guesses, aloud, what they feel the answer might be. (Go to the Head of the Class)  

S          Das Super-Sonderangebot ist der höchste Trumpf. (Schnäppen Jagd)