Heavenly Hash
By Dave Savitt

There are exactly two letters that can fit in each of the blanks:

  anti_ar       cw
     b_rder     io
   hor_iest     ns
    in_ernal    ft
   out_idden    br
  outs_iled     am
   pla_ning     in
 reman_ing      dn
submer_e        gs

[All words are Scrabble legal, but in fact the words are chosen
so that even if you broaden the dictionary to include the word 
sources for the NPL's allwords.txt file, there are still only
two letters that can fit each blank.]

In each case, there is exactly one way to split up the pairs of
letters and add blanks so that two letters can fit in each of
the blanks:


(There are sometimes other ways to split up the letters so that
one of the sets can have a letter added to form a word, but there
is only one way to split up the letters so that both sets will
be able to form words.)

Here are the rest of the sets:

   cla_med         im
  dece_t           in
    ex_elled       cp
    ki_sch         rt
  lock_ut          no
 minis_ries        et
    my_tic         os
 premi_s           es

    con_ider       fs
   head_est        ir
    met_led        at
       _omeliest   ch
typecas_           et
    una_med        ir
      v_racious    eo
     wi_est        ds

      c_ummy       hr
      d_cal        eu
   endi_e          tv
      k_ister      el
     pa_sley       ir
   shri_k          en
     va_al         gs

   chor_le         at
 constr_ct         iu
    gru_ge         dn
    lun_es         gi
    men_ally       it
     pe_nies       no
 sandba_           gr

The pairs in these sets split up as follows:





All of the original sets are provided in alphabetical order.
This suggests putting the new items in alphabetical order:

auditor_             sy
   conf_rming        io
fractio_s            nu
     hu_tling        rs
     in_ptness       ae
microto_e            mn
  rever_es           is
      s_ithered      lw
   ting_ing          el
      w_istbands     ar

These letters split up to form:


The answer is therefore SINSEMILLA.