Greg Pliska, Marcy Levy


When the 16 works of art are arranged correctly in the gallery, the first letters of the names of the artists (going clockwise from the northwest corner) spell the phrase MEERGEREN WAS THIS.


FORGER is the correct answer to this puzzle.



The works of art, from northwest and moving clockwise, are:


North wall:


Son of Man Magritte

Drawing Hands Escher

Molded Plywood Chair Eames

La Moulin de la Galette Renoir


East wall:


Still Life With Teapot and Fruit Gauguin

The Hat Makes the Man Ernst

The Dream Rousseau

F Erte


South wall:


The Red Cube Noguchi (out the window)

American Gothic Wood

Moon and Half Dome Adams

George Washington Stuart


West wall:


At the Moulin Rouge Toulouse-Lautrec

Untitled Haring

Le Grande Odalisque Ingres

Sunday Afternoon on Le Grande Jatte Seurat