Gag Me

Author: Dan Katz


Each clue in the first group clues a two-word phrase which is a spoonerism of a two-word phrase in the second group. The first words of the phrases in the first group start with the 26 letters of the alphabet; order them by these letters and read the initials of the second words.


all Bundies/ball undies

bear rabies/rare babies

cider inn/eider sin

"Dude. Nome."/nude dome

earring gentry/jeering entry

fancy awning/antsy fawning

go nuts/no guts

healing Arp/eeling harp

Ike paper/pike aper

jaded ruler/raided jeweler

key oak/e-coke

leper pie/pepper lie

motor oil/oater mohel

"Not Seuss!"/sot noose

old doubt/doled out

peeled yam/yield Pam

Quaker alms/acre qualms

red diets/Dead riots

shipping tax/tipping Shaqs

Tower onyx/our tonics

ump hate/hump eight

Vice U/ice view

while Nader/Nile wader

Xena's tone/Tina's zone

young hack/hung yak

ZIP queen/quip zine


The second initials spell out BRING AN APROPOS DYAD TO HUNT HQ. The teams should then bring any dyad (pair) of items which can be described by spoonerisms as above; if they do, they are given the message "Your answer is the longest word in the sentence that brought you here." That word is APROPOS.