Gag Me



A tavern/house of lodging that only serves fermented apple drinks
The female monarch of 5-digit postal delivery numbers
Programs designed to encourage Bolshevik weight loss
A swanky-looking rooflike cover in front of a business
Crusted pastry in a round tin filled with social outcasts
Protest from a child who detests "If I Ran The Zoo"
A king or emperor whose experiences have made him cynical
Someone who will grow up to be a taxi driver
Lubricant used in an automobile engine
A sweet potato after its outer layer is removed
College Crockett and Tubbs might attend, for short
A translucent chalcedony kept near the Crown Jewels
Giving medical treatment to a co-founder of Dadaism
A fundamental tree which produces acorns
To freak out, or a cheer for a sports team named after almonds
Government assessment on transport of goods
Muscular health and definition exhibited by Lucy Lawless
Intense aversion experienced after a called strike
What might precede "fiddled, the Green Party burned"
An essay written about our 34th president
A lack of confidence that has existed for a long time
Money given to a panhandling Friend
Peg, Al, Bud, Seven, and everyone else in their family
Ursine hydrophobia
Response to "Bro. Like, where's the Iditarod end?"
The aristocracy among lobe ornaments

Someone who performs circumcisions in westerns
A vendor of rings and necklaces suddenly surprised by the police 
The last protuberance in a caravan of four Bactrians
Region of a city authorized for use by Fey or Yothers
Structure atop Building 7 or 10 where clothing is prohibited
One who fords the world's longest river
Door into a building for those who wish to catcall
Give up possession of America's favorite cooking spray
Residue left after distilling coal on the internet
The lemon-lime-quinine beverages we possess
Infants that are still red on the inside
One imitating a large-snouted carnivorous fish
"Why, no, cayennes aren't named after a city."
An underground publication about short witty observations
Fidgety flattering in an exaggerated manner
Religious offense committed with the down from a duck
Giving 15-20% to namesakes of basketballer O'Neal
Incidents of public disorder caused by Jerry Garcia
What you have if you were just disemboweled
A loop of rope used for the execution of a drunkard
Distributed in small portions
A long-haired Tibetan ox that can't decide on a verdict
What Cinderella wore under her beautiful dress
Selling point for an igloo with windows
A plucked stringed instrument used to catch morays
Feelings of uneasiness about 4047 square meters of land