Eoanthropus dawsoni



In Diana and Io are no common borders. (4)

Camping invites can be nice, if you like sleeping between mountains.  (6)

The average college student uses the Class I only when the newer
dictionaries are not available. (4) 

Travellers must dress discreetly in India; a shiny lei's too strict
for Western fashions. (4) 

Before the meat cans, ingestions and garlic into the pot. (4)

For a nice cub, edit a rice treat, tempted one of his earlier
recording experiments. (6) 

If an old-fashioned mate's a woman, he will often pay for dinner. (3)

When they can't, dozers like Santiago prefer to trade in tin from the
mountains. (12) 

Your charges apply only in places that tax Hatha workouts. (3)

("Whose vegetables first," asks the storekeeper, to save time when
checking out. (5))