Concerto delle Oche Volanti
Concept and Structure: Dan Katz
Implementation: Greg Pliska

There are a number of clues in the verse and in the piece of
"music"... the title, direction, and author translate to "Concerto of
the Flying Geese," "always connected" and "bird formation," references
to the V-shape in which geese fly.

The verse says "the sea birds have flown," which is meant to call your
attention to the fact that there are no C's in the piece. "Each other
group stays joined together in song," suggests that each other set of
notes (by value) is a group of "birds" and if you join them together
they spell letters (like geese).

Finding which notes are which is straightforward if you read music;
the only snag is to remember that accidentals that occur during a
measure last until the end of the measure. The letters spelled out by
the notes are:

B: D
Bb: I
A: M
Ab: I
G: N
Gb: I
F: S
E: H
Eb: I
D: N

Thus, the answer is DIMINISHING.