Cocktail Party

by Greg Pliska (with an assist from The Norms: Dan Katz, Kiran
Kedlaya, Chris Morse, Tanis O'Connor, Nori Pritchard, and Todd

Answer: VI

This puzzle requires teams to come to the "Neon Sponge" lounge and
listen to the song stylings of several Setec members. They perform a
medley of songs whose lyrics have been altered to include the phrase
"Mys'try Hunt".

Songs                    Replaced Word
Alice's Restaurant	 Restaurant
Oliver		         Oliver
Lady Marmalade		 Marmalade
Alcohol	                 Alcohol
Natural Woman            Natural
Summertime               Summertime
The Internet is for	 Internet
Xanadu                   Xanadu

Initial letters spell out ROMAN SIX, or VI, which is the answer.