by Brian Tivol
puzzle title authors Chris and Ray

Solvers who cannot get the applet to load are advised to configure
their web browser-- they might not be able to load Java applets over
HTTPS, and they should be able to change their settings.  If that
fails, try a different browser or platform.  (Which browsers on Athena
are known to work?)  If that fails, tell the solvers to replace
"body.html" in the puzzle URL with "4.xml", "5.xml", etc, in order to
view the data files.

Solvers who are stuck on this puzzle should be told to look carefully
at 12, then 7, then 13.

Solvers who ask "When I put the mouse over this letter, it doesn't
turn red like the others.  Instead, it turns yellow, and a big red
triangle appears in the side.  What does that mean?" should be told
"That means there's an arrow from that letter to itself."

And now, the solution:

In each network, you can spell words by starting at one
letter. choosing arrows wisely, and moving from one letter to the
next.  Each network has precisely enough letters and arrows to spell
one complete set of words (and the number of items in that set is used
to label the network), with no extra letters and no extra arrows,
except that one of the arrows is missing.

The missing arrows are N->F, E->H, E->E, D->I, N->C, S->G, D->D, O->B,
and C->A.  The ends of the arrows are the first nine letters of the
alphabet.  If you read the heads of the arrows in this order, you get
the answer: CONDENSED.

Here are the nine sets:

4: The "Big Four" robber barons

5: Hosts of "The View"

6: "Star Wars" subtitles
 The Phantom Menace
 Attack of the Clones
 Revenge of the Sith
 A New Hope
 Th[e E]mpire Strikes Back
 Return of the Jedi

7: Colors of the rainbow

8: The Ivy League

9: Norse Cosmology

11: Commuter Rail Terminals

12: Months

13: The Thirteen Colonies
 New Jersey
 South [Ca]rolina
 New Hampshire
 New York
 North [Ca]rolina
 Rhode Island