Pinecone Creek
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Saturday noon, Bullet Place
I can't believe Jeremiah was able to purchase such a good stake on the north creek from that pawn shop. But then again, up here in the Yukon, it doesn't matter who you are; it's where you're from that's relevant. Guess that's lucky for Jeremiah. Now, we better check what's up this path.


1. ate sundae, got dizzy, felt ill
7. support below a fib
10. CBS anchor returns article for nothing
11. hearty shape in accord at Elba
12. fight to hear Winslet by the shrine
19. entrance funky aroma
20. heard a ski resort in the glen
22. kitschy bivouac
23. music played backward is just average
24. Roosevelt goes to Nebraska to meet Anderson
25. meeting by phone stymies truth


2. obsessive phase of development
3. body of water mammal stops short
4. the dining man broke the front off the radiator
5. sounds like an animal covering a tree
6. hiding caused a tentative calm
7. mixed a bad tune at full strength
8. pesticide didn't remove preposition
9. finds a confused sole eating a cat
13. Wyatt perfects short listening device
14. migrating late, a blackbird goes for a change, loves it
15. pass on a confused mason
16. too tall hero giveth strangely
17. "ER" star won't open his mouth for the dentist
18. age in several is an individual
21. likely to have a short flat