Grizzly Ale
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Saturday late night, Jackson's Claim
After a bit too much ale, enough that I was having trouble remembering that Fangs is the white one- Hell, far as I could tell he was blurry colored, with 6 or 8 legs or arms or something. Damn fine brew. Back on the topic, all that drink doesn't change the fact that we watched Squirrelfoot morph a novel into a chess piece. We asked Squirrel how he did it, but he only gave us these clues.

What dieters want to do
Like Atlantis
Not taped
Fishing or clothes

Wear out the thread
It may be found in a ceiling or floor
Found at the end of a race
Subtract to find net weight

White -> Fish, Red -> Meat
Favorite female charm
Stadium cheer
Jack London's favorite sports team
As the moon winds down

Was in choir
One to bind them all
Birds have one

Hypoteneuse, eg
It might be final
Of sound mind
Old sailor
Trigonometric ratio

Hands and feet
Comes with gain
Seating for the masses
Remitted fee
Front of the King

Unwanted wall hanging
Elixir of the Gods
Home of the HomeStake
Repair a neighbors fence
Pinochle score

Winter into Spring
San Francisco morning dew maker
Dried barley
Crow's nest support
Lean to the side

What Eminem does
Ready for market
Gathers music for storage
Stubbs and Fakir
Bugle lullabye