Campfire Stories
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Friday evening, Seem Cabin
We spent the evening outside of the cabin, near a wagon with the placard "Dr. Randall's Traveling Carnival and Malady Cures". The gaudy wagon is surrounded by a crowd of unwashed frontiersmen, who seem to be paying the con artist for his tall tales. The occasional gasps of surprise indicated that Dr. Randall is telling quite the tales, but I only heard parts of the stories.

Bd-sg ud. Uy kd wh a wn se th te ht. (OE)
Tk or Er, te ly mn, ad dd De. Lr, Bo Bs we hm up. (te)
A Gt Od Oe, hs a td hd ad ge, sy by. If an, wl re fm Rh ad dy te wd. (fe)
Td te md hl Ht, ul Bf rd is as of. (fr)
Sr gn of Ch Ul. Wd by Sm wh Sg. (fe)
"Is ae!" Bt to le in a lg sm by te Dr. (oe)
Hd of a ln, by of a gt, tl of a st. Bn ad Ps sw it. (OE)
Te hd dg wo gs te ge of Hs. (to)
Ae tt cd te Ee Se bg. (sx)
Hs ds on Em. Ks wh hs rr cs. (oe)
Pt mn, pt wf. Cs ur a fl mn. (OE)
Rr of te Ps of Ad. Se te Ss fm Vr. (oe)
"Te js tt be, te cs tt ch." Te vl be wt sr-sk! (to)
Gt ld wh nr fe bh. Kg of te Ms. Ls to dy To. (te)
Oe ed gt wo cd Os ad hs cw. Os bd hm to ee. (ET)
My hd re, ld in te sp of La. Hs' sd tk ws to kl it. (to)