In A Manner Of Speaking

Anna Vetter


This is an AOL instant messenger conversation between a couple of vapid teenyboppers.

Each statement followed by a (number1/number2) clues a song, all of the other statements are flavortext. Each song title is an example of a specific literary device (example: like a virgin ⇒ simile)

The length of the literary device word is clued by number2. number1 is the letter in the device word we care about to get the final answer.

Fpersonification(8/15)video killed the radio starbuggles
Lalliteration(2/12)wild wild westwill smith
Ooxymoron(1/8)black hole sunsoundgarden
Wforeshadowing(10/13)she'll come back to mecake
Emetaphor(2/8)i am a rocksimon and garfunkel
Rparallelism(3/11)truly madly deeplysavage garden
Csynecdoche(8/10)it's all about the benjaminspuff daddy
Hapostrophe(9/10)mr. blue skyelectric light orchestra
Isimile(2/6)like a virginmadonna
Lhyperbole(8/9)the most beautiful girl in the worldprince
Dparadox(5/7)flying without wingsruben studdard
Rportmanteau(3/11)californicationred hot chili peppers
Erepetition(2/10)tonight tonightsmashing pumpkins
Nassonance(5/9)hole in my soulaerosmith

In order, when reading the clued letters in order, gives "flower children" or "hippies" (the final answer word)